Altar Construction | Winterizing Your Cottage

Winterizing Your Cottage

  • Once you leave the cottage in the fall, the following is a checklist of things to deal with to ensure you will come back to the same structure and interior in the spring.

    Cabin Windows: To protect your cottage from unwanted wild life visitors and falling ice, it is a very good idea board up the gazebo, and any screen windows on the cottage or guest cottage.

    Canoes & Kayaks: If you want your canoes and kayaks to be there when you arrive in the spring, stack them on sawhorses or a rack that is out of view from the access road, and chain them to a tree with a good lock.  Better to be secure than sorry.

    BBQ: Clean the BBQ and disconnect from the propane tank.

    Wood Stove: Clean and close damper vent; check the stack for rust, tar build-up, and loose strapping. Repair the gasket if necessary.

    Refrigerator: Empty, disinfect, and wipe down. Pry open door slightly to avoid mildew buildup. Place an open box of baking soda inside to control odours. Do not leave any food over the winter, even dry food or canned goods.

    Beds and Furniture: Cover all mattresses, chairs and couches with plastic sheets. Place sheets of fabric softener or special rodent repellants throughout to keep the mice out.

    Water System: Turn the water source from the outside to off.  Drain completely to avoid pipe rupture. Turn off hot water tank and drain completely by opening hot water tap. The theory is leave as little water in the pipes as possible to limit flooding risk if a water pipe bursts. If you have a land based water pump, unplug the system. Open levers to empty pump of water. Disconnect pump from water source. Put antifreeze in system, and put plug back on.  Cover any open pipes to avoid critters or insects getting in.

    Leaving the Cottage: Disconnect all appliances and shut off breakers on the panel. Discontinue phone, cable or internet service over the winter. Take photos to document state of cottage when you left should theft, fire or flood damage occur over the winter. Lock all the doors and take garbage with you when you leave. 

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