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    The stress and disruption to your home or business caused by a fire is one of those experiences in life that you cannot be prepared for until it happens to you. Of course no one wants to go through this but the fact is fires do occur, and the best way to deal with the upheaval to your life caused by a fire is to retain our services as professional fire remediation experts to put you back to normal as soon as possible.

    ALTAR provides professional fire remediation for the entire Greater Toronto area. Our experienced crews bring following expertise to the table:

    Fire Restoration

    Fire Damage Restoration: A fire will cause damage to your premises and belongings well beyond the actual damage caused by the flames including smoke and water damage. The removal of the smoke smell and residue from your home is particularly difficult and requires professional expertise.

    Re-building or Repairing Your Home or Business: The objective the game is to put you back to where you were prior to the fire as quickly as possible. We will not only do the necessary clean-up, but will ensure the replacement of whatever part of your property was destroyed by the fire is done to your satisfaction as quickly as possible to allow you to return to your normal life.

    If a fire has struck your home or business, complete and submit the information form on this page and one our representatives will give you a call usually within minutes.



    Fire Damage
    Experiencing a fire in your home is devastating. ALTAR offers 24 hour emergency service, and will get your life back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible

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    Water Damage
    If your home has suffered water damage from flooding, burst pipes or sewer overflow, ALTAR offers 24 hour emergency service, and has the experience to fix the problem quickly and efficiently

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    Mould Damage
    If mould is threatening your family’s health, we offer complete mould clean-up and remediation services

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    Commercial Services
    If your business has been brought to a standstill by flood or fire, ALTAR offers 24 hour emergency service. We have the experience to get you back on the track to profitability as soon as reasonably possible

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    Other Services
    If the carpets or contents of your home or office have been stained or damaged from any cause, we offer complete cleaning and remediation services

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