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Dealing with Basement Leaks

  • Dealing with Basement Leaks

    Basement leaks can be caused by many factors.  Most can be dealt with without any major expense, and you can usually do the work yourself. The following is a discussion of the major causes of basement leaks and how you can deal with them.

    Improper or Faulty Eavestrough System: A properly installed eavestrough system will channel water away from your homes foundation.  However sometimes the system gets blocked by leaves,  twigs of other debris. If you note that in a rainstorm your eavestrough is overflowing at certain points, this is likely the problem. This allows water to escape and drain to areas where it was never supposed to go. A comprehensive clearing of your easvetrough system should solve this problem.

    Ground Sloping Towards Your Home: The area immediately surrounding your home should slope away from your home.  If it does not, water will be directed towards your foundation where it can accumulate and seap through the foundation over time.  The simple fix is to ensure that the ground around your home does slope away from the house. If you home is built on a slope, you may not be able to avoid this issue. If this is the case, when the house was installed a special drainage system to direct water away from the foundation where the ground slopes towards the house should have been installed. If it was not, you will have continuous problems.  Installing the proper drainage system can be expensive, but it is the only way to permanently solve this problem.

    Cracks in the Foundation: If the foundation is cracked, water will seep through. Sounds somewhat simplistic but failing to seal the cracks properly will result in continued problems. Fortunately this problem can be fixed by the application of a quick drying hydraulic cement. These products are available at your local hardware store. Apply in accordance with the instructions and your problem should be solved. If the crack reappears, consult a building professional.

    Water Table Problems: A small percentage of basement leakage problems are caused by underground water table issues. These problems require serious prevention measures. If you have addressed the above noted issues, and your leakage problem persists, consult with a building professional as it is likely you will have to excavate around the house, install running drains along the bottom of the foundation, and apply sealer and drainage board to foundation walls.

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