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Client Log IN

  • Welcome to the ALTAR client log-in page. All of our clients are provided a personal and confidential account number which is accessible only to them and us from our web-page via a unique client number and password. Upon retaining our services for any construction, renovation, or emergency service, you will be assigned a client account number, and be requested to set up your password. All documents associated with your matter will posted to this account and will be accessible by your from your own computer, including your original agreed upon quote worksheet, your contract which will set out in a schedule the nature of the work as well as when progress inspections will be done, and when progress payments will be required. If you request any changes to the original scope of work, they will also be fully quoted, reduced to writing with your signature showing your acceptance of the same, and posted to your client account. Transparency is the hallmark of professionalism, and we believe this process in an important step in this process, separates us from the competition.

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